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SEO Services

        Affordable SEO services from Nettologik India, Coimbatore includes organic search engine optimization, Keyword analysis, SEO copy writing, Engine Submission Service, link popularity building, Online Marketing, Web Promotion, Search Engine Ranking, Pay per Click and Social media optimization

Keyword Research         
        A very crucial part of the SEO services is to help discover the best possible keywords to target your online marketing customers. Good keyword choice is necessary for reaching the right audience. Extracting your existing keyword list and building a new list of potential keywords and phrases that are pertinent to your business. Finally we then recommend keywords to target your customers based on keyword search frequency and their relevance to your website.
Competitive Analysis.
        After extracting the keyword then we take an in-depth look at your competition level for the chosen keywords. Through our competitive analysis reports, often you will find many companies competing for a share of the traffic on your chosen keywords. Our analysis report also help you understand exactly what the competition is about doing with the chosen keywords directly or indirectly and make you identify key areas of opportunities.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
         Our search engine optimization service consistently improves the quality of traffic to a web site from search engines. Our SEO process is based on our 7 years of experience and proved getting our client's websites to the top rankings in search engines. Through our SEO services you can also help build a community through blog and social media sites relating to your business products and services.
Paid Search Marketing (PPC)
        Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads are the sponsored listing advertisements that are placed by the search engines at the top or on the right side of the organic search result page (SERP). When someone clicks on your PPC ad, you pay search engines for that click meaning that people have had visited your website. Our PPC marketing professionals manage cost-efficient PPC campaigns. PPC is a very effective tool to establish your brands in the search engines and increasing your chance of getting sales.
Website Analytics
        We analyze your website analytics reports to determine which keywords and search engines are driving traffic to your site, and which of those keywords convert to a new customer. These data helps us understand what is working and what is not working and adjust our process to fully optimize your search engine campaigns.
Link Building
        The next important factor in SEO is how well your site turns up in search results and this is determined by the number of high-quality, relevant links directing to your site. We use various methods to obtain these high quality links to improve your rankings in the search engines.
Content Development/Copywriting
        Unique content is important for SEO and at the same time content needs to sell your product or service to your customers. Our professional SEO writers give you high quality, unique content to deliver your marketing message and also optimized for the search engine.

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